Epsilon’s plants ship to site ETL certified and complete with chillers, open or closed cooling towers, heat exchangers, boilers, pumps, steam and  hydronic specialties, welded pipe, valves, lighting, environmental systems, safety systems, refrigeration evacuation systems, access stairs and mezzanines, electrical switchgear and control systems.   Our enclosures are rated for 150 MPH hurricane winds and F2 tornadoes, and can be designed to meet blast and ballistics requirements; they can even be configured to accept any number of site installed architectural treatments from siding and louvers, to stucco and even brick or masonry.

Epsilon is equipment vendor neutral, letting our customers select equipment from the vendors that they know and trust, and that have local support and service capability.   We ensure that the equipment vendor’s recommended service clearances are met or exceeded, and we incorporate maintenance savings features such as overhead lifting beams and large access doors for long term equipment replacement.

The entire plant is inspected, bench tested and validated at the factory before it is shipped to site to ensure smooth startup and reduced commissioning time frames.  Our on-site services range from installation supervision and startup assistance to full-blown turnkey installation and commissioning.  Please contact us today at to discuss your specific project requirements.

“Whether it’s a Mission Critical complex, Health Care facility, or Pharmaceutical application, our customers are looking for the same results:  better quality, shorter construction schedules, lower product and operating costs, and assurance that their central plant will meet their redundancy requirements.   At Epsilon, we recognize that our clients have diverse requirements, and we have developed a product that can be uniquely configured for each customer.”  Brad Hughes – Partner, Sales and Marketing