Gaming and Casinos

Epsilon offers the Gaming and Casino industry a full suite of packaged central plants.  Construction schedules for new Casinos and Gaming facilities are often compressed, but utilizing a manufactured cooling and heating system can improve construction schedules significantly because the central plant is fabricated while the rest of the complex is in the early stages of construction.  Impact to the site is minimized as the central plant is installed in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

Epsilon works directly with our customer’s engineering and design team to provide design support for all aspects of the central plant.   And with on-site labor freed up from building the central plant, our customers realize significant improvements to their construction schedule on the rest of their complex.

 “Project timing is critically important in the Casino business.  From the time that gaming licenses are approved and granted, the clock is truly ‘ticking’ – and both construction and potential revenue dollars are at stake.  Using our packaged heating and cooling systems saves critical time versus traditional construction methods, expediting the path to ‘Opening Day’.”  Trey Austin – Director, Business Development